About Notorious CLE

After a hiatus in women's club ultimate in Cleveland, Notorious CLE entered the scene in the summer of 2015.

The main goal of this team is to be competitive and have fun. We honestly love each other and are all really great friends who hang out on the off season. We love going to tournaments together and snuggling on hotel beds. We love playing board games and eating good food. We love to be together. We want to keep those friendships going forever and add in new friends each year.

The "word" to describe this team has changed from year to year. But one thing remains unwavering: Our ability to remain gritty. We're a gritty team. That word is how we identify ourselves. We play every game as hard as we can to the last second. That will always remain as part of this team's dynamic and culture.

We've come out at the top of the middle of the region each year and would like to continue to learn and grow but always keep in mind that having fun and having a team and teammates to rely on is really the key to our successes.

We're positive that the leadership core will be as understanding as possible when it comes to the players on this team but in the end, this is a competitive club. If you're not going to be making the practices, maybe this isn't the team for you. Being a good teammate and making this commitment is very crucial to our successes and our failures.

In the end, this is a really fun team to be a part of. If you're new, you're going to learn a ton! If not, you're going to have a lot of fun and a safe space to master your skills and grow with a team of other dedicated people who love ultimate.

In our fourth season, Notorious took 5th at Great Lakes Women's Regionals

Going into our fifth season, Notorious has big plans to continue working towards being a high level women's team. A focus on hard work and commitment, while maintaining the upbeat and spirited culture that has been created, is at the heart of the team's goals for the 2019 season. Listen for Biggie on the sideline as these strong women travel the region this summer, spreading the hype and accomplishing our goals.

And if you don't know, now you know!

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Notorious CLE 2018 Roster

* Denotes new players

Carolyn Scherger*
Lexie Thomas*
Val Locker*
Emily Peterson*
Karli Biger*
Meghan Drews*
Maddie Fleming*
Hayley Groubert
Abbey Geib
Suzy Becka
Megan Harris
Tina LiBassi
Dani Grooms
Talora Martin*
Nicole Wise*
Emily Johr*
Elle Marcus*
Kathy Tong

Meet the CLEadership

Team Effort

Iris Javersak, Hayley Groubert, Suzy Becka, Meghan Drews, Tina LiBassi, Abbey Geib

Team Manager

Abbey Geib


Val Locker